Nana’s Baggage

I’m not one to brag (too often) but I take a lot of pride in my handwriting. For starters, my mother had beautiful handwriting. She was a poet and wrote often – in many many journals. Her script danced off the pages. My grandmother is a very stern woman. She knows what she wants and there isn’t not much room…

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The Now

Lately I’ve been listening to others more intently. I’ve been listening to the words people chose versus the things they say. It’s fascinating to start to speak the intimate languages of the people around you.  One of my favorite things to do is to take a word we commonly use, and then look up the actual definition. For me this…

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About Me

Hi, I am Monia. I am many things but beneath the surface I am a writer, woman with 2 chronic physical illnesses, PTSD and a person who suffers from severe depression. These essays, poems and entries are my way of sharing my stories with those who are interested. Stories that I am finally ready to tell. They are how I cope with my life experiences.

The stories I tell are mine and some may be uncomfortable or triggering to read. Please know that these words are just one of my many tools I use to care for myself. You are welcome to subscribe to follow my healing journey but please do so with the intent of respect and compassion.

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