Monia Fernandez, she/her

Trainings and Certifications:

200HR Yoga Teacher Training

50HR Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Training

25HR Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

15HR Form. Function. Flow. Teacher Training

10HR Body Reading Training

10HR Taoism Training

Yoga Therapist in Training

Halfway through Both Katonah & 300HR certifications.

Yoga is a practice….

Life ebbs and flows; presenting obstacles as well as opportunities. It’s up to you to decide on how you react to what occurs. Do you freeze or do you flow on?

For Monia, this is where the Yoga begins. Good or bad, failure or accomplishment: How can she remain true to herself and her practice within any situation?

This practice has shown her her own inner strength and has led her on a journey of self-discovery. Her hope as a teacher is to help her students get a step closer to their Yoga and to foster their own abilities.

“Yoga for me is a practice. A practice of measure, discipline, fluidity & structure. This practice is a tool for me to allow myself to understand the dynamic of how I function as a human in this world. How I hold myself up, how I navigate. Without tools, there is no way to refine. So I use this practice to continue to refine. To take measures. To hold my ground well.

Using yoga as one of my many tools has been transformative for me throughout this experience with endometriosis. The practice for me ranges between fluidity, grounding & structure. Fluid when I need to move the waters and get a current going. Grounding when I need to root into my foundation– to hold myself up well. Structural when I need to recalibrate and realign.

200hr Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist in training. Advocating for an individual’s agency so that they can be seen and feel better within their own human experience. Acknowledging the importance of being adaptable, while understanding that I will not change a person, but will refine the stories their bodies tell.