An exploration of boundaries within the subtle and physical body through the use of props.

As yogis, you may experience one of these two scenarios:

1. “This is my favorite asana, let’s go all the way!”

2. “Please, next pose already.”

Sometimes the boundaries that our bodies create or need can begin to give us a static view of our experiences. Our body’s boundaries can limit our experiences but when we add a new point of reference (a block or a wall), we’re able to better adjust to understand our limits. Both energetically and spiritually. 

Do I want to use my legs to hold my Bridge pose?

Or do I want to rest the legs and take Bridge on a block?

Do I need strength or do I need rest?

We will explore the use of blocks and walls to find ways to preserve the practice. 

January 31st 2-4p

Posted by:yogainom

Boston based yoga teacher hoping to spread awareness on endometrisosis, trauma informed yoga & inclusivity for all.

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