In the medical system today, no matter how loud we yell, our voice – as black women, only gets translated to a whisper.

-Monia Fernandez

The transition into womanhood is glorified to be this magical experience. The moment when you transition from a girl to a woman, is when you put aside the Barbie dolls and pick up a weekly planner. Getting your period, is supposed to be this empowering moment where a girl is now ready to take on all that life has to offer.

For some women, this “magical experience” is the birth of what will become years of pain, suffering and disempowerment. It’s quite sad. It’s even more sad because woman’s reproductive health is something that isn’t actually a regular conversation.

Endometriosis is one of the chronic illnesses that effect women’s reproductive health. 1 in 10 women are affected by Endo and within those women, black women are 50% less likely to get diagnosed for their Endometriosis. Partly because of the cost, mostly because we, as black women, just simply are heard.

Over the summer (during the pandemic) my reproductive health has been in a constant state of trauma. In and out of ER’s, invasive (painful) exams and fighting – screaming to be heard.

To be listened to.

In the medical system today, no matter how loud we yell, our voice – as black women, only gets translated to a whisper. To get a diagnoses or get treated for our symptoms is an ongoing battle. It’s an uphill climb.

Fortunately for us, there is power in numbers. There is power in our voices and the voices of other women and men. When we come together, magical things happen. Maybe it’ll even make space for the magic that was promised to us as little girls.

We’ll move slow and with great care for our bodies.

To begin to be perceptive to what our bodies are trying to tell us.

Let’s get back into our skin and claim our bodies as our own.

Whether you’re an Endo person or a voice for one – let’s support one another and let our voices be heard.

When we observe time, it is usually represented as Day or Night, Monday to Friday or January to December. To process time, we often need a starting point to move towards what will be, the end.

But what about the middle?

What happens when time stands still?

Do we take a moment to exist in the now?

How are we meeting ourselves where we are at?

Endo bodies tend to jump to the finish line when we have that moment of relief. Let’s explore the work of meeting ourselves, exactly we are to mediate the pain & liberation and to meditate the present.

Did you know that 1 in 10 people have endometriosis?

Did you know endo is a chronic illness and to get diagnosed, you have to have laparoscopic surgery?

For the ONE person, it takes on average of 10, TEN, years to get diagnosed.

My diagnosis took 7 years.

Reproductive health for people with female reproductive parts is incredibly under researched.

50% of all donations to this class will go to Endo Invisible to help people pay for excision surgery.

Self Care Sunday: The Polarity of Time

March 3/14/21


Donate to Yogainom x Endo Invisible

I am pleased to offer this event as a donation based workshop. 50% of the proceeds will go to Endo Invisible to help people receive their diagnosis for proper treatment by funding their excision surgery. Suggested donation is $20 – Show up as you are, let’s do the yoga.




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Self Care Sunday

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Posted by:yogainom

Boston based yoga teacher hoping to spread awareness on endometrisosis, trauma informed yoga & inclusivity for all.

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