What a vibrant spirit Amanda is. I’ve come into Amanda’s light through the universal workings of the Instagram hashtag.

#KATONAHYOGA to be exact.

Connecting with Amanda (via Zoom – COVID-19, thanks?) has been eye opening to say the least.

Her perspective of this universe if quite diverse. Dabbling in political and spiritual pots to spread awareness of the moments that move her. To then create content and stories that move others.

Spiritually and literally.

Check out her Instagram below to experience her radiance.

Upcoming Events:

Kundalini Mini-Retreat with Amanda Bashi

“Want to do some free yoga this Wednesday? Amanda is doing the final requirements for her 500-hour teaching certification, and has decided to offer it as a free mini-retreat. The classes will be primarily pranayama (breathwork) and Kundalini-based.

See below to view the full schedule!

All times EST.

No experience necessary.  

This is perfect for people who haven’t really tried Kundalini yoga but are curious about it. 
It’s also great for people who don’t know anything about moon cycles, goddess archetypes, or the enneagram. Amanda will make sure you have everything you need.

It’s a low-stress situation.

You can join for the whole thing (hello, mini-retreat!) or for one class. “

Join late, leave early, whatever. come as you are! “


Wednesday 12/30/20 – 10:30a Kundalini Fusion Class

Wednesday 12/30/20 – 12:00p Yoga for Moon Cycles & Goddess Archetypes

Wednesday 12/30/20 – 1:30p Kundalini for the Enneagram Types

The Kundalini Mini-Retreat is being offered at no cost.

The Now

Lately I’ve been listening to others more intently. I’ve been listening to the words people chose versus the things they say. It’s fascinating to start to speak the intimate languages of the people around you.  One of my favorite things to do is to take a word we commonly use, and then look up the…

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Nana’s Baggage

I’m not one to brag (too often) but I take a lot of pride in my handwriting. For starters, my mother had beautiful handwriting. She was a poet and wrote often – in many many journals. Her script danced off the pages. My grandmother is a very stern woman. She knows what she wants and…

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Preserve the Practice

An exploration of boundaries within the subtle and physical body through the use of props. As yogis, you may experience one of these two scenarios: 1. “This is my favorite asana, let’s go all the way!” 2. “Please, next pose already.” Sometimes the boundaries that our bodies create or need can begin to give us…

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Posted by:yogainom

Boston based yoga teacher hoping to spread awareness on endometrisosis, trauma informed yoga & inclusivity for all.

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